How to manage Anxiety emotions?

Combinations of techniques that treat the underlying causes of anxiety and support you in coping with the feelings as they arise are required to manage anxiety emotions. Here is a more thorough tutorial on controlling anxiety feelings. Limit alcohol and caffeine, identify triggers, practice mindfulness, confront negative thoughts, and establish a routine. Regular exercise, journaling, and practicing gratitude will aid in managing anxiety. Being patient with yourself and giving these tactics some time to work is important if you want to manage your anxiety successfully. Don't be afraid to ask for professional assistance if, despite your efforts, anxiety continues to be too much for you.


With recession looming people are losing jobs everywhere. I am constantly worried that I will be fired. How do I handle this?

Accept the recession as fact and commonality. Look at other opportunities and sometimes we get overthinking based on the information that we have. Try to be more innovative at work and there are 2 ways of looking at it
1) Are you looking at this situation as stress or as a challenging opportunity? Go with the flow and try to be more realistic.
2) Upgrade your skills and ensure you bring out your uniqueness at work


How to manage anxiety in everyday life?

Here are some simple techniques you can follow.
Try talking about your feelings to a friend, family member, health professional, or counsellor Use calming breathing exercises.
Exercise – activities such as running, walking, swimming, and yoga can help you relax.
Hydrate well and get good 8 hours of sleep.
Try to stay calm and avoid overthinking.


How do I know whether I am anxious or not?

Checkout if it happens for any specific situation or if is it chronic general anxiety. If it is situation-based, use simple breathing techniques to calm the mind. If the situation persists then reach out to counsellors/Psychologists