How do I understand the stage of depression?

It's critical to remember that depression is a complicated mental health illness that can present itself in various ways depending on the person. Mild depression: Although you could feel down or sad at this point, you can still go about your normal activities. You could feel tired or unmotivated, have trouble sleeping, or affect your appetite.

Moderate depression: At this point, you might have more intense symptoms and find it difficult to carry out duties or take pleasure in hobbies you used to like. It's possible for you to feel useless, helpless, and guilty.

Severe Depression: At this point, your symptoms could be crippling and affect your ability to go about your everyday activities. You might have suicidal or self-destructive ideas, lose interest in past hobbies, and notice substantial changes in your energy, food, and sleep patterns. It is important to reach out for help.