Emotional Wellbeing

Is it possible to change the way we were raised? Can we alter our thought processes?

Yes, it is possible to alter our upbringing and our thought patterns. The ability of the human brain to reorganize itself by creating new neural connections and pathways throughout life is known as neuroplasticity. Even as adults, we are still able to learn, adjust, and change our behaviors and mental patterns because of neuroplasticity. expose yourself to various perspectives and points of view. Talk openly with people who come from diverse backgrounds and have lived in varied situations. Continue learning and look for information on subjects that interest you. Your comprehension may be widened, and your preconceived notions may be challenged. Deeply rooted mental habits require time and effort to change. Be kind to yourself and acknowledge your accomplishments, no matter how tiny. Regularly journaling will help you track your progress and acquire insight into your mental processes.


How to maintain positivity and good mental health always? How can I keep my mind stable when nothing is going right in my life?

It is not practical to always have a positive mindset. Emotions keep changing based on the situations or scenarios that we face. Identify areas to change, be open to humour, follow a healthy lifestyle, surround yourself with positive people, and practice positive self-talk. These can help the mind to be stable when there is a challenge.