How to do work-life balance when we are doing post-graduation during work?

Tips to sleep well at night
Stop all physical activities 30 mins before sleep.
Try to stay calm and relaxed and stay away from gadgets.
Try to find out any mental thoughts that are distracting you from staying calm and start working on them. Observe your thoughts, Identify negative thoughts, Challenge your negative thoughts, Practice mindfulness Have a hot shower before going to bed.
A 30 mins physical workout every day will help ensure a good sleep
This can help you to have a better sleep


How to get rid of a negative mind set?

Spend some time each day reflecting on the blessings in your life. You may be able to change your negative to positive thinking as a result. Challenge your negative thoughts as soon as you become aware of them. Consider whether they are reasonable and whether there is evidence to back them up. Spend time with those who are optimistic about life. This may encourage you to adopt a more optimistic outlook. Take part in things that make you feel content and pleased. By doing so, you'll be able to concentrate on the good things in your life. Take good care of your mental and emotional health. You'll feel better about yourself and your general outlook as a result of this.


How can I stop feeling bad about myself because of experiences?

It's normal to feel bad about yourself after having unpleasant experiences, but it's crucial to understand that these things do not define you. The following advice will assist you in overcoming negative self-perception brought on by your experiences: Be sympathetic and gentle to yourself. Remind yourself that mistakes and failures happen to everyone. Reframe your perception of the unpleasant experience, if you can. Try to uncover good parts or lessons learnt from the experience rather than concentrating on the bad ones. Concentrate on your abilities and achievements. Remind yourself of your accomplishments and constructive actions. Set reasonable goals for yourself. Don't seek perfection or compare yourself to others. Take good care of your mental and emotional health.