Stress Management

How do I keep my emotions away from a relationship issue that affects my work?

Managing and distracting our emotions when something is continuously bothering us is an art. Being Mindful and dropping the baggage of thoughts when we enter the office or home plays a vital role. Whether it is stress or a relationship issue, it is important to keep distracting our mind to something that interests us. if something is really disturbing you, give it 10 mins time to anchor on and brood over it. Post 10 mins move on to the silver lining of the passing cloud.


How to reduce thinking or stop taking things personally?

Try to understand what is bothering you very frequently. Overthinking a particular incident or thought can move you away from what you were doing at that time. You can dismiss that thought and turn your attention to what you were doing can help you stop overthinking. The art of ignoring or refocusing on something else that interests you will make a difference. Give yourself credit for your strengths, Stop worrying about what others think about you.


I get so stressed when someone tries to make fun of or insult me, gets difficult to get out of it as I keep on this.

No matter how good you are and how good-looking you are you’ll get judged because people have different tastes you can’t change that however you can change yourself by not allowing people to get in your head and removing those bad thoughts that you have about yourself. It’s not important how people view you it’s important how you view yourself. Be confident in responding to this kind of behavior. This will make them understand that you are not weak. Sometimes you need to learn to accept yourself the way you are and care less about what people say or think of you.


How can I overcome frustration when I am not satisfied with my work?

When you are unhappy with your work, it's normal to feel frustrated. Try to pinpoint the particular part of your task that is giving you trouble. Is it a difficult task or project, a lack of finances, or a conflict with your principles or personal goals? Avoid perfectionism and set realistic standards for your job. Determine precise objectives and due dates, then concentrate on advancing towards them. To learn how you may enhance or change your strategy, ask your coworkers or managers for comments. Determine how your efforts advance a bigger objective or mission. This might assist you in giving your work significance and purpose. Take good care of your mental and emotional health.