Task Management

How to manage time?

For productivity and goal achievement, good time management is crucial. The following advice can help you use your time more effectively: Clarify your objectives, Make tasks a priority, Make a to-do list, utilize the 168 tools to employ time blocking, Delegate tasks, set time limits, get rid of time wasters, reflect, and review. With practice and self-awareness, time management is a skill that gets better. Try a few ways to determine which ones suit you best.


Apart from task management or to-do list, do we have any other mechanism for managing time very effectively?

Prioritizing the activities, check how Eisenhower Matrix can help you. When do you delegate a task? Can it be moved to a later day or week or month? Planning and scheduling accordingly can help manage your tasks better. The balance between the work is based on impact. Concentrate on what can make a huge impact instead of trivial things. This will directly reduce mental stress and brings in the concept of 'ME' time.